So, for the ninth time in two years it's time to move....again. Can't stand it anymore so me & my boyfriend decided to buy an apartment, but let me tell you something that you already know...it's not cheap. I wish I had the money to buy exactly the apartment I want but that's not how it works. When you find one you like, there's alot of other people, with more money than yourself, offering a higher price and you can probably tell the apartment bye bye. Recently I was surfing around and I found this, THE apartment, I LOVE it and it's located in my favourite area in, Haga, really close to everything in Gothenburg. Hopefully we can find an apartment soon so we don't have to move around anymore, I need a place where I can feel safe and sound, not feel stressed over that we have to move in a couple of months again and not feel stressed over that the apartment is not ours and over that the furniture is not ours. I present to you, Haga nygata 20!
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